Synchromation - Bespoke iOS App development for the iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

What we do...

Synchromation specialises in the design, implementation, testing and maintenance of Bespoke iOS App development for the iPad, iPhone & iPod touch either for distribution via the iTunes App Store or to be deployed as proprietary in-house enterprise applications.

We have now delivered over 25 bespoke iOS apps to our customers, over 20 of which have been featured by Apple in their 'New and Noteworthy' section. Many of these apps have entered the Top 10 list for their category and one has topped the list at #1 for several weeks - no mean feat considering the number of apps in the iTunes App Store!

We excel at developing innovative media-rich apps, taking advantage all of the platform’s powerful hardware and software technologies to deliver new and unique user experiences including location based services, secure interaction with web service APIs and the delivery of live and pre-recorded audio and video streams as demonstrated by our class leading & chart topping radio apps.

For iPhone and iPod touch accessory makers participating in the Made for iPod and Works with iPhone licensing program we can create custom applications to control these accessories either wirelessly through Bluetooth or the 30-pin dock connector. Synchromation has the rare and key advantage of already being licensed by Apple to develop software for third-party accessory manufacturers.

How we can help

Not everyone has the in-house skills or resources to devote to the development and maintenance of their own native iPhone/iPod touch applications, so Synchromation is offering a complete cost effective soup-to-nuts application development service to our customers.

We are happy to work closely with your existing designers to create apps that reflect your in-house style, or can create fresh and original designs just for you.

We pride ourselves on our close working relationships with our customers and the level of support we provide during the design and delivery of the apps, an approach that has been proven by the number of re-commissions that we have received.

Examples of our work

The best way to see what Synchromation can do for you is to see what it has done for other customers. Here are some of the most recent apps developed by Synchromation. Download them from the iTunes App store by clicking on the icons below...

KISS KUBE - Hundreds of thousands of downloads so far

Advanced live and listen-again radio streaming app. Created for Bauer Media, one of the leading commercial broadcasters in the UK.

PRS Jam Amp

Raw Material Software and Synchromation have teamed up to create a new guitar practice app for PRS Guitars and Bond Music Research.

The iTunes App Store success story

With over 4 billion application downloads and a choice of more than a quarter of a million apps, the iPhone App Store has demonstrated the huge consumer demand for a diverse range of applications and validated the platform as suitable for a wide range of uses. The App Store is now available in around 77 countries, and in excess of 50 million iPhones have been sold, a market segment that increases to 85 million once the number of iPod touches is included.

Within four years, sales of smartphones are expected exceed 300 million and will make up around one quarter of all new phones sold. Some analysts see the iPhone capturing more than a third of that market. It can be seen that the potential of having a presence on the iPhone either as a free branded application or as a revenue-generating paid application is immense.

Apple's new iPad platform looks likely to revolutionise the way we consume content and provides a whole new opportunity to develop custom apps targeted specifically for that device, with the larger display enabling even more compelling rich media apps.